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Lux Music Radio: "Where the Hottest Independent Hits and Hip-Hop Collide"

Lux Music Radio is a globally renowned music station that has captured the hearts of thousands of music lovers worldwide. The station is ran by Chicago native, Lori DiSanti (aka Dlux) and is under the umbrella of OllyWop Music Group. Specializing in hip-hop and other popular genres, Lux Music Radio has established itself as a leading authority in the music industry.

The station is renowned for its carefully curated playlists, featuring the latest hits from some of the world's truest independent music prodigies. With its state-of-the-art sound quality and round-the-clock programming, Lux Music Radio provides a listening experience that is second to none.

There is a wide variety of sequencing that currently runs on the station from podcasts, mix hour shows, dance hours, to DJ sets, movie themed music shows, new music fridays and regular scheduled programming.

Whether you're looking to dance to the latest beats or simply relax and enjoy some smooth vibes, Lux Music Radio has got you covered. Tune in today and submit your music to experience the magnetism of Lux Music Radio for yourself!

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